Monday, December 30, 2013

Resolutions Recap Part 1

At the beginning of this year, I created a Bucket List of things I wanted to do this year. So at the end of 2013, I want to recap what I did (or didn't do) to fulfil each of these.

1. Read 50 books.
        I did it! I even upped my goal to 60 because I was doing so well! I ended this year with 65 books.  
2. At least half of the books I read need to be new ones I have not yet read.
        Totally got this. :) Probably 75% of them were new. Yay!
3. Read at least 2 non-fiction books.
        Well, I did read lots of non-fiction paralegal books, does that count? No? Well then yeah, this didn't happen.
4. Travel somewhere new
        Unfortunately not. I did get to go to Chicago a couple of weeks go, fairly unexpectedly and was a total blast, but I didn't get to go to Washington D.C. / New York City like I wanted to. Bummer. Hopefully in the fall I can?
5. Go to three new states (Currently I've been to 21!)
         This goal was in connection with my D.C. trip--so hopefully in 2014.
6. Go to the temple every month
          Yes I did! I'm pretty sure I averaged 3 times a month, maybe 3.5. I really was trying to go every week, but sometimes that just didn't happen. I'm pretty sure that because this was a priority and I built my schedule around it, it was the only reason I survived school this year!

7. Finish Cait's Wedding Scrapbook
          I worked on it! Which is better than last year. So there's something...
8. Finish my Chicago Scrapbook
          It's over half-done so I did work on it quite a lot, just not in the second half of the year. So....yeah. Moving bedrooms and trying to get that set up so I can scrapbook took me a lot longer than I thought it would. That happens when you have grand-ish plans and little funds. Hopefully with school winding down next year, I'll have more time to spend on things like this.
9. Go back to school for Paralegal Certificate
          I did! Eep! And I did better than I thought I would. As I've discussed before, I even survived going to school and working full-time this past semester. And I found out that because I already have a Bachelor's, I automatically qualify for the Associates in Paralegal Studies. So that is exciting. By May I'll have another Associates degree. Yay.
10. Spend time with my family each week
          This one was really important to me and thankfully Cait gets bored so she lets me come visit her and hang out at her house. And she feeds me and helps me with my projects--which we don't usually work on, but still. It's pretty awesome.
11. Teach Rachel to say my name
          She totally can! Though usually it sounds more like "bacon" than "Megan." Not sure if that is a good thing or not yet. :) But she is adorable and gets so excited when I open the door. Good news is that Rachel knows all her body parts. That is a hilarious game to play. She even throws in some body parts that Cait didn't teach her. hahaha. And if you ask her what the fox says, she busts into song and start dancing. Its totally hilarious. Her favorites are that one, wheels on the bus and ring around the rosie, but usually she forgets the "sh" sound in the "ashes ashes" part. hehehe.
12. Create some kind of art wall hanging
          I had plans for one, but I ran out of time. Boo.
13. Apply for another design team
           I seriously considered applying to two different teams (of companies that I really love), but after reviewing their requirements if you made the team, I realized that I just wouldn't have the time to put into it. It was super sad. Hopefully this next year I can do one.
14. Get two new tires
           Yes and I got a incredible deal! The guys were so nice and found me gently used tires to replace the scary ones on my car for only $50 for two! Awesome!
15. Replace the brakes on my car.
           Thankfully I have an awesome brother-in-law that lives conveniently close-by that was kind enough, somewhat willingly to do this for me. :)
16. Go to at least two new temples.
           Salt Lake (beautiful and so ornate!!) and Chicago. Both awesome experiences with incredible friends.


Items 17-35 up tomorrow

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