Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On This, The Last Day of Spring

I stopped in to a local craft store (who shall remain nameless) to pick up a few things and in my wandering, I found this:

People are so lazy. But it is on clearance and so maybe that means people didn't buy it and that gives me a bit more hope for the world. :)

Then I walked around the corner and saw this:

PEOPLE--TODAY IS STILL SPRING!!! Can't we at least enjoy Summer a bit before you begin pushing it out of the way!? Let's wait until 4th of July at least! Sheesh!

I love decorating for Fall--I have almost as much fall stuff as I do for Christmas, but still, I wait until September to decorate. Putting fall stuff out this early messes with my internal calendar. I suddenly got a bit confused about the date. I even pulled out my phone's calendar just to make sure I wasn't crazy.

I'm not. (In case there was any question...)

I looked at a few things to see what is hot and new this year until I saw this:

Then I got creeped out and left. The eyes! The eyes were following me. Seriously--such creepy owls. And apparently buzzards are the new hot decorating item this year for fall? What is wrong with people?! That is just disturbing. (Yeah, I just might have to buy one now, just to make me laugh and creep other people out....hehehe.) (Oh, crap. The marketing people's trick worked! Ack! Help me.)

My hope in humanity (or at least the people that make marketing decisions) and myself just vanished into thin air.

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