Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playing Traffic Director

This past weekend I got to play "traffic director" for a wedding that I helped with.

A family friend heard about my "magic wedding skills" and asked me to help her with her daughter's reception. I happily agreed and this weekend was the wedding reception. The bride was beautiful and loved everything.

The original plan was to do the reception in a covered pavillion at my church building, but three days before the reception, the weather forecast predicted a high of 106 degrees (F). AWFUL!

Thankfully the family decided to move it inside where some awesome miracles happened and the reception was redesigned and changed to accomidate it to bring the outside to the inside. It was beautiful and lovely. Everything went so perfectly and smoothly (except one minor snafu where I accidently was locked out of the building in the middle of the afternoon Saturday and had to wait for someone to come unlock the door).

I didn't really do that much except be an extra pair of hands to do stuff and tell people where to find things (since it was my building). But I had a good time helping and it was really fun to see some people that I hadn't seen in a long time at the reception...and the food was fabulous!! :)

Here are some pictures of the set up.

 The entry way was lined with mason jars full of fresh flowers.

 The gift table.

 Where the line was. I loved that the family only had the line for about 30 minutes.

Where the cupcakes were served. I wish I had a picture with all the cupcakes--they looked amazing!

 Where the wedding cake was.

Under the pavilion. This is what I did. I helped hang the lights and tulle around the edge and down each leg, and then I put together a little display thingy for the center of the food tables. It just looked boring and needed something. The hanging birdcage was made into a chandelier by adding some small white twinkle lights. I loved it.

The table centerpieces that were made by a friend in my family ward. It was her first time doing floral arrangements and she used plants from her yard. They turned out so beautiful. I thought they were great. 

The bride (back of her dress) and her little sister, the flower girl admiring the cupcakes. :)

The awesome food table. :)

I loved this reception. It turned out so beautiful and elegant.

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