Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bitter Taste of Eating My Own Words

I guess it should be no surprise by now, but I'm pretty good at putting my foot in my mouth...or living up to the standard that I tell people I'm at. This story is a case in point. Shock, I know.

Friday afternoon I had a couple of hours to build a new bookcase for my boss. We've had it sitting the office for about 2 years and no one has built it, so I decided to (I was tired of seeing files all over the floor and having to bend over to pick them up or look through them).

The directions were easy to follow and I began working away. The supervising attorney in the office came over and watched for a moment and observed that I was using, and following, the directions.

Boss: You're reading the directions?
Me: Yep. Otherwise I'll miss something and then it will be wrong and break and smash someone and then the subsequent Work Comp case will be my fault.
Boss: Good point. [laugh] I rarely follow directions and usually something is wrong with the finished product. I should probably follow directions more.
Me: It would probably help. When I follow the directions, things usually end up practically perfect.

Yeah, not this time. I did follow the directions! But somehow, either the directions were wrong (which I insist was the case) or I flipped a piece upside down.

Here's what the front/top part of each shelf is supposed to look like: It's nice and flush and flat.

Here is what the weight bearing shelf looked like after I put it together. Yep, there's a lip and it's not supposed to be there.

At the point in the process that I put the shelf together, I couldn't tell which end was the top or the bottom so I didn't realize that it was wrong. And once I did realize, the bookcase was already together and I couldn't take it apart.

The office got a good chuckle out of it.

That is what I get for telling my boss that I'm good at putting things together and them turning out perfectly.

Apparently God likes to keep me humble.

Note to everyone: I got the memo--let's not humble me anymore for awhile. m'kay cupcake?

But, hey, at least the bookcase hasn't fallen over and squashed anyone...yet. Where's some wood, I need to knock on it.

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