Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Photo Tour of Loomis

I know I've talked about my hometown before, but I love it, and so I'm going to talk about it again. :)

Yesterday I found myself in Loomis with a few free hours on a gorgeous spring afternoon, so I took the opportunity to go around town and take pictures of places that meant something to me. I've been wanting to make a mini scrapbook album dedicated to where I grew up, but I came up with the idea months ago--just in time for all the plants to die for winter. So I waited for spring (and waited, and waited...) and it worked out perfectly to take the pictures yesterday.

One of my favorite views is driving towards Loomis on Sierra College Blvd (the street my house growing up is off of).

When I was a kid, there was a local hangout called Cagles, right on the corner near my elementary school on Taylor (the main street). Cagles was eventually owned by some family friends, the Strocks. Years ago it closed (*sob*) and then a few years ago, Taylor's opened up. So awesome and yummy!

A few pics from my grammar school, Loomis Grammar School. Yep. The school is so old that it's a Grammar School. So awesome. :) Cool thing is that the falcon painting was originally done my first year I went to the school, 4th Grade, and it's right by my classroom. I got to help paint it. :)

A few pictures from around my high school.

Taylor Road north of English Colony driving towards Newcastle in Penryn.

I stopped by the Newcastle Cemetary. I've always liked it. It's really, really old with some of the tombstones from the late 1800's. So cool.

The chapel my home ward, Loomis 1st meets in. Love it. :)

This is where I killed the deer when I was 15, but going the opposite direction. I still get a bit of a shiver when I drive past.

I love my town. It's quite beautiful in the spring.  :)

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