Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding Pictures

My baby sister is married!! AHHHH!!! Erin and Jim were married on March 30th in the Idaho Falls Temple.

I didn't get to be there. That made me really sad.

But I was very, very happy for Erin and pictures have been filtering in over the past 48 hours. Awesome!!! Erin looked beautiful! Oh, and ya know, Jim looked pretty good too. ;)

I'm having everyone send pictures because Cait and I are using them for part of the decorations for the reception this Friday.

So, here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Here's a great one of the back of Erin's dress and her gorgeously long train.

Fun story: So Mom had talked to the manager when she, Nana, and Erin had checked into the motel and told her about the wedding. Then later, after the temple, Mom went back and wasn't able to get her room key to work and went back to the front desk and spoke to the manager. The manager asked if Erin and Jim were around staying their too. She said no, they were staying somewhere else. The manager then pulled out this beautiful bouquet and said they were for Erin as a congratulatory gift. So generous! Way to go Idaho Falls Motel 6! :)

I'll post more pictures of the reception once I have them. :) So exciting!!

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