Friday, April 13, 2012

Lucky Streak

I've been on a lucky streak lately. And it's been awesome. :) And I just realized that I'm posting about my lucky streak on Friday the 13th. hahahahaha!

It started when I found out that I won a $20 gift card from this fun crafty blog.

Then I got won a free book from this blog. The book was The Heirs of Southbridge, and it was from LDS author, Jennie Hansen. Love her books. :)

The big prize I got was a Silhouette Cameo!! I won it from this blog. So brilliant. It took two seconds to click a couple of buttons and comment on the blog contest and I actually won!

I've been wanting one of these since Christmas. I love the Cricut, but the program we have that allows it to cut anything kinda stopped working (since it's not supposed to work with Cricut cutters). It still cuts, but if I don't catch it when the cut is done, it'll cut a large line through everything and it's annoying. The program works with Silhouette products and last year the company introduced the Cameo which cuts up to 12" wide! Woohoo!

I can't tell you how many times I've entered to win contests and I never win anything--thousands of people enter. But I've kept entering them because there's no way I'm going to buy the machine, and it takes like two seconds. The machine is $300 plus accessories and tools and I already have a Cricut. But now I don't have to buy it and it comes with one of the accessory kits! Oh yeah! And I won't have to keep borrowing the Cricut from Cait. She'll appreciate that. :)

Hopefully soon it'll show up on my doorstep. I'm anxiously waiting. :) When I get it I should name it...hmmm...

Then yesterday I stopped by the scrap store to look for pretty paper for my co-worker's wedding invitations (she asked me to make the flowers she's putting on them and I was wanting to make a demo one). The store is celebrating their birthday (5 years!) and if customer's spent $20, they got a cupcake and a prize. The cupcake I picked out had the daily $50 gift card! Yay! Go me! So my purchase was free, and I have a bunch of store credit. Yeah, buddy! I think I'll save it for when some of the Cameo accessories come in. :)


Now, if I could only win a green KitchenAid Mixer... :)

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  1. Megan! That's amazing!! I NEVER win anything, so it's nice to know someone who actually does...makes me think maybe things aren't rigged after all! Congrats!!


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