Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What a Day

98% of my day was actually pretty good, but it's amazing how 2% can ruin it--especially when it happens right at the end of the work day.

Because I was a little stressed, I decided to go see my niece, oh, and my sister, and hang out with them. It's amazing how much a little baby can make you feel better.

And it helped that Cait and I traded our Christmas books. That's how we roll. We make sure that we don't buy the same books so that we can trade them. :)

So on my way over there, the sun was setting and as I was driving to Lincoln, I got to see the last, fleeting rays of the sun.

I *may or may not* have been driving when I took these pictures.

That part of the road is very flat and straight and it's cool because you can watch the sun set behind the coastal mountains. :)

Then I got to Cait & Nicks, exchanged books, watched a few episodes of Bones, and I fed Rachel. She is getting so chubby! I saw her 4 days ago and she has definitely gained weight. Soooo cute! And she looks a little drugged. What did Cait put in the milk?! :)

I definitely felt better when I left. :)

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