Monday, February 13, 2012

Squishy Face

Cait and Rachel came over tonight. Cait is currently obsessed with Bones, but doesn't have season 6. Well I have netflix and it's on there, so that is the only reason she came over. :) At least she brought me dinner. :)

She watched the show and I played with Rachel. And taught her to stick out her tongue! :) It's true. 6 weeks old and she's already smart enough to stick out her tongue. That's my girl!

And she tried to laugh. She's just figuring out how to smile (which she does when we squish her cheeks together) and she kept making a weird, happy squeal/grunt (told you it was wierd) when I would do it. It was pretty funny.

When Cait did this, Rachel got a big smile on her face. She thinks it's so funny. :) So do we. It kept us entertained for quite awhile! :) ha ha ha!

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