Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Day/Night with Jesse (& Monica)

Today was a really fun day. I had a little something for Monica as a goodbye present because she is moving back to Alaska in 5 days. :(

This morning Monica went to breakfast with our friend Amanda and when she was done, I was at Winco picking up some groceries (and frolicking down the aisles. Just Kidding. There were too many people there--the aisles were too crowded...). Monica texted me and told me that she needed to pick up a couple of things there too and so we met there. YAY! And then we hung out for the next 10 hours. :)

Neither of us had any particular plans for the day and so we just hung out and played with Jesse and chatted, and watched Christiana model "appropriate Sister Missionary clothes" for us.

I was so glad that it worked out that I had nothing to do the whole day (except prepare my lesson for tomorrow).

Monica got a call that more help was needed at the Temple for the Stake Temple Day. She hesitated because she didn't want to leave Jesse (who is only 5 months old) with strangers and so I gladly volunteered to babysit. She borrowed a skirt from Christiana and we headed up there.

Turns out that there was a YSA activity at 5pm. We got to the Temple about 4:45pm. Jesse and I walked around for awhile and then went in and watched everyone set up for the activity. While we were walking around, I tried to get a picture of Jesse with the temple spire in the background. It took a few tries, but I got it. :)

Personally, I love Moroni popping out the top of Jesse's head. But the second picture is what I was trying to achieve. :)

There were a bunch of people from my ward there and so we chatted and hung out till Monica was done. Then Monica decided to take me on a "Valentine's Day Date" with her and Jesse.

We found this little tiny Chinese food place that had Walnut Chicken! My very favorite (but without the walnuts, of course)! :) So yummy. For dessert, Monica really, really wanted an A&W rootbeer float so we went to A&W.

We discovered that Jesse was not a fan. ha ha ha! Though, it was his first taste of Rootbeer and Ice cream. I'm sure he'll grow into it, given Monica's *slight* obsession with them. :)

OH MY GOSH! He is sooo cute! :)
So, as Monica pointed out, I got a date with a boy that I'm not related to for Valentine's Day! Yay me! :) The food was fabulous and the company was even better! And I got home pretty early so I had plenty of time for my lesson tomorrow. That's my kind of date. :)

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  1. That is adorable!! :) and I LOVE the one with Moroni sticking out the top of his head. oh and he is so freaking cute!!!!! :)


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