Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun Facts

Last night I hung out at Cait's house and Nick fed me dinner and I fed Rachel dinner. It was awesome. And I didn't have to change any poopy diapers. Even better. :)

Oh, and let's be clear, I fed Rachel using a BOTTLE. ;)

Also, I have clean clothes. Cait was generous and let me do laundry at her house because my dryer is still broken. I learned a fun fact about her washing machine: It can hold up to 187 baby clothes items. Apparently Caitlin was so bored that she actually counted the number of items she put in the washing machine.

Yep. That's my sister. :)
And here is precious Rachel last night. Totally passed out.

Another fun fact: Rachel makes awesome angry faces when she is asleep. Especially when Caitlin decided to wake her up using Nick's cold hands. :) Last night we were quite entertained. I wish I had been able to get pictures of them.  Rachel has Cait's chin, my grandpa Bryson's nose, and Cait's attitude. Awesome!! :)

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