Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Photo-Op

So Erin and I were working on a project while she and Mom were home last week. And by "Erin and I working" I mean, Erin working on it and me bugging her the whole time and being a terrible sister.

Oh, this post isn't about that project.

This post is what we FOUND while "we" worked on that project.

Oh. B.A.B.Y. It's awesome. I had forgotten about this "event". :D

So here's the back story: A few years ago, Mom desperately wanted updated family pictures. We children reluctantly agreed. And we were very obnoxious at the little studio. At least the photographer thought we were hilarious. Mom didn't really agree, per say...

So we took a couple of nice pictures...

See, aren't they lovely?!

And then I'm pretty sure I heard the photographer say that we should make a funny face. Apparently no one else got the memo...

What's even funnier than my face (yeah, yeah...laugh it up) was that NORMALLY, I'm NOT the one to be suddenly goofy like this. That right is usually reserved for any of my other siblings.

I love this picture. I really do. I laugh hysterically every time. Like right now. :)

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

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