Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favorite Picture

Last night was our little hang-out goodbye party for Steven. He is moving to Utah later this week. I'm sad for me, but very happy for him. I think it will be great for him. :)

We hung out for a few hours watching Nick play video games and playing with Rachel. Okay, she is too little to really play, but it's kinda funny to watch her make angry faces when we poke her and tickle her...while she is asleep. Hey, Caitlin starts it. :)

Oh my gosh. We are terrible people. Poking and prodding a sleeping baby that isn't even 2 weeks old. Wow.
Yeahhhh...I don't feel bad anymore. She's just so squishy!

So I caught this picture of Steven while he was holding Rachel for the first time. He's been pretty sick the last couple of weeks so he hasn't touched her. But now that he's feeling better, Cait let him. :)

He even tried to sing her to sleep. Talk about melt-your-heart sweetness! Though the singing didn't really help, it was cute.

And then she pooped and the moment was over and Steven handed her off. It was awesome. :)

And yep, that is how we roll.

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