Monday, May 12, 2014

30 Things I've Learned Before I was 30

I'm turning 30 soon. [shudder] I'm not entirely excited at this prospect, but considering that it is such a landmark birthday, I thought I would record some things I've learned in the past 30 years. Ugh. I'm feeling slightly nauseous at the thought of being 30 right now.

Anyway. Moving on. 30 things, in no particular order except the first three. Here we go.

1. I am a daughter of God.

2. He loves me and I love him. (Oh, hello there Young Women's theme!)

3. My family loves me, despite my many imperfections, and I love them.

4. I am truly am grateful for those that have sacrificed their time, freedom, and life to protect mine. I have a great respect for those that serve in the military.

5. It is more important to be kind and loving than to be right, or prove that you're right.

6. Sometimes people just won't listen. Nothing you say will change their thoughts or behavior. It's best to just move on.

7. There are some people that act like cancer in life, slowly eating away at happiness and goodness. They need to be cut out. I don't have to interact with them. I don't have to allow them in my life.

8. Prayers are answered. Always.

9. Good books are like food for my soul.

10. I need to be able to create. If I can't, I tend to shut down, unable to function at my best. When I do, I feel like I can breathe again.

11. I love teaching people. Especially if it is Gospel related.

12. I am so much more productive when I have too much to do. I don't do well when I am not busy.

13. Kindness matters. Be kind to everyone--no matter who they are, what they look like, or how they act. I think kindness is WAY underrated and I certainly am not perfect at this, but I do try to be kind. I love the quote, "Always be kinder than you feel." I don't usually feel kind--especially when dealing with difficult people (something that happens daily), but I try to be kind. Patience also goes along with this. It's hard, but I'm trying.

14. I like to grow and stretch myself. If I don't then I feel like I'm sliding backwards--and I don't want to do that.

15. Memories are worth the expense. I've never regretted the trips I've gone on, the memories I've made, and the friends and family I've gotten closer to as I've visited them. The philosophy of my grandparents rings true to my heart: Memories are better than things. They usually would "give memories" as gifts, instead of things. They would give money to our family so that we could have trips, adventures, and one time, a dream vacation to Disneyland. Totally magical. I love this idea. It's fun and it builds relationships. Win-Win. :)

16. Life rarely turns out they way you think it will. I thought I would get married in my 20s. Nope. I thought I would have kids. Nope. I thought I would work in bio-medical research. Nope. I didn't think that I would like law. Nope--meaning I do like it. More than I thought I would--but certainly not enough to go to law school. I thought I wouldn't have my own business. Nope--I do have my own business now. Crazy! And awesome.

17. The Lord's timing is everything. For me this has meant patience. And I have decided that if my life had gone according to my plans (see #16)--I would have probably royally screwed it up. There is purpose in the Lord's timing. No idea what that is yet for me. But I have faith that there is and someday I'll understand. And I'm okay with that. :)

18. Sometimes you just have to do something--anything with your life. If it's the wrong thing--you'll know. 

19. Family is most important.

20. Friends are right there with family. I love the saying, "Friends are the family you choose." So true. My friends are my family too. 

21. Sometimes the smallest moments create the biggest life lessons.

22. Awkward compliments are the best kind. They may be really weird, but you know they are coming from a sincere place in the person's heart. 

23. There is always something to smile about. Usually in my life it's this: 

24. The greatest feeling in the world is knowing that a 2 year old misses you.

25. Preserving memories and photos are super important to me. Thus my love of scrapbooking. :)

26. Integrity really does matter. 

27. Hard work makes up for a lot of weaknesses.

28. My family history is incredibly important to me. They laid the foundation for the wonderful life I have.

29. Learning new things is important. Whether it's formally through school, or googling something you don't know (I do this a lot) it doesn't matter--I just love learning about things.

30. Laughter really is the best medicine. Especially when it's because of adorable toddlers.

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