Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When it Rains...Your Shoe Breaks

Actually I'm really glad it didn't actually rain last night. Things definitely could have been worse.

But considering my post yesterday about how suddenly I found myself quite stressed out, it was only appropriate that something else happen. Right?

Yeah. My shoe broke.

Good times.

I got to school, ready and excited to get this semester started. (The sooner it starts, the sooner it'll be over!) I realized I lost my parking pass so I walked across campus to the business office and got in the ridiculously long line. Within about 5.7 seconds, I started fidgeting and I moved my feet and the part of my sandal that went between my toes broke.

Because clearly, I needed something else needed to happen yesterday.

I thought I could play it off and it not be a problem. Turns out it wasn't possible.

I tried to fix it. It wasn't fixable. I stood in the line for about 30 minutes and slowly scooted myself to the front of the line. All the while moving my right foot like it was about to fall off and never lifting it off the ground.

All I had to do was make it out the building, cross two more buildings to my class and make it out to the parking structure after class. Surely I could figure out how to walk so my shoe didn't flop all over the place.

After I successfully got a new parking pass, I walked about two steps and realized I couldn't even make it 10 feet to the door of the building without my shoe flopping everywhere but under my foot.

Oh my goodness. So embarrassing. There was still a ridiculously long line of people, I'm sure they were all staring at me and my awkward shoe problem. I didn't even turn around to look at them.

So I hobbled/hopped out of the building and quickly found a place to sit down and investigate a possible solution to my problem. Maybe I could quickly fix it? At this point I had 45 minutes till class started.

After I examined my shoe I determined it was not fixable. I sat there trying to figure out what to do. I didn't have any options. I couldn't walk with this stupid shoe. I couldn't go home and make it back in time.

I had to walk barefooted.

At BYU-Idaho, I wouldn't really have flinched at that. The campus is so clean. But, here, at this school? The thought made me very nauseous. Ugh. So gross. But what choice did I have? I couldn't decide if it was better to leave one shoe on and the other off (real classy!) or be completely barefooted.

I decided to leave my left shoe on. I couldn't bear the though of both of my feet touching the ground. *shiver*

Then I thought that, perhaps, the school would have cheap flip-flops for sale in their clothing section. I walked across campus the other direction and discovered that they don't.

Then I walked across campus back to my classroom. I sat down on a bench and ate my snack and then realized I needed to use the restroom.

I had to go in there. With one foot completely bare.

It was nasty. I put my shoe back on and walked really funny so I didn't have to touch the floor. As soon as I got back outside, I took it off again. And went to class with only one shoe.

I'm a class act.

Fortunately I did survive. No one made fun of me, though several laughed when I made fun of myself. And the class went well and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

I also learned this lesson: wear regular shoes to school.

Also: listen to the thought that says in the morning as you're putting on your shoes, "What would you do if your shoe broke?" Yeah, I totally had that thought yesterday morning...and laughed at myself. [insert dead-pan look] Yeah.......

I just hope I didn't pick up a parasite or something. yuck.

I haven't felt that self-conscious in a long time. At least I could laugh at myself. And the laughing did relieve the stress I was feeling. :)


  1. One time, when Lige was maybe 3-4, we went to a birthday party at a park, and instead of driving in like everyone else, we decided to take the bus to the back entrance and walk the nature trail to the party. Ok, the nature trail was a serious hike down a slippery, muddy trail (springtime!) and halfway down, his shoe got stuck in some mud and broke. We had to decide whether to keep going or try to hike back up, and decided there was no way we were getting back up with no shoe. So we went to the party half-barefoot. Fortunately, someone there had some Dora the Explorer crocks that were huge on him, but kept him from any encounters with tetanus. We decided to go home through the front gate and found that the bus didn't run that way on Saturdays, so ended up hiking 3 miles home in the Dora shoes :) It was an exciting day! We still have those Dora crocs...Lillian wears them :)

  2. megs the same thing totally happened to me at walmart!! I even looked in the shoe section but no cheap flip flops. I dragged my foot around till I went home. I think I actually just did the one shoe thing you did. pretty funny. family genes I guess.

  3. megs the same thing totally happened to me at walmart!! I even looked in the shoe section but no cheap flip flops. I dragged my foot around till I went home. I think I actually just did the one shoe thing you did. pretty funny. family genes I guess.


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