Saturday, October 20, 2012

Steal, Er, Deal of the Day

Today started out rough, shopping-wise. I'm looking for something specific for my Halloween costume, but I haven't found what I'm looking for. (That's what I get for being so picky.) And this morning I went ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN to go to a famous local Halloween store in Old Town Sac. Traffic was beastly (on a Saturday morning?!) and parking was even worse!! Parking in Old Town is a bear anyway, but I figured in the morning it wouldn't be too bad. Anyway...30 minutes later, still nothing, so I finally decided to go to the parking garage, ugh. 

After finding the shop, looking around for about 15 minutes, and not really finding what I was looking for (saw some beautiful options, but they were a bit expensive and not exactly what I wanted, boo) I decided to leave. I was already not happy and quite hungry. I did break down and get a little treat at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I mean, if I'm going to go ALL THE WAY down there, I'm certainly not going to walk away empty handed. So I got a caramel apple for my trouble. mmmmmm.....yummy.

Anyway, all this is to tell you that I randomly decided to stop by Deseret Industries (aka: DI) on my way home to stop in and see if they had anything that I couldn't live without. I've been looking for a new chair for my bedroom, an ottoman, and vaguely looking for a sewing machine. 

I decided a few months ago I want to try to learn to sew again (I was SOOO bad at it every time I've tried to learn before that I was permanently banned from my mom's sewing machine--true story). But I don't want to borrow one and then break it. So I wanted to buy one, but for cheap. Craigslist hasn't been super impressive and I haven't seen anything at my local Goodwill. 

But today! OH TODAY! Glory! I walked in and asked a lady where I could look at some machines (there weren't any chairs or ottomans, boo.) The lady kindly pointed to one that was built into a cabenit. It was old, only $30, but not what I wanted. Then I wandered around a bit and saw one that had just been brought out. 

Really?! Could it be?! I bee-lined straight for it and began investigating. It looked good, was a Singer, had about 20-30 different stitches, and it had the pedal and the power cord. And then the kicker: It was only $25. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Just as I reached out to touch it, an older woman (who, I assume, already had years of experience sewing, probably already had 6 machines at home, and didn't need this one) began to examine it too. She never once looked at me. I'm sure she didn't because I kept staring at her as she stepped in front of me and started turning knobs and pushing things on it. I continued to stare at her. We stood there for 3 or 4 minutes! I kept glaring her down with my "how-dare-you-cut-in-front-of-me" eyes, just waiting for her to get intimidated and walk away. THEN without a glance at me, SHE PICKED IT UP AND PUT IT IN HER BASKET AND WALKED AWAY!!! 


I was a little upset and put out. It was MY sewing machine. Mentally, I had already purchased it and there she was STEALING it!?! 

Actually, I was a bit devastated. I even texted Caitlin to lament over my "stolen" sewing machine. I even lamely followed the lady a bit hoping that she would decide that she didn't need a 7th sewing machine and put it down somewhere randomly. I'm so pathetic. hahaha. She didn't after a few minutes and so I wandered away to look at some other things. I went to the restroom and when I came out I happen to see the lady again (I promise, I had stopped stalking her!) and saw that she still had the machine. I decided that my hopes and dreams were dashed and that I needed to get home. 

As I began to walk out I saw a white box that looked much like a sewing machine case. 

What?! Could it be? No. Surely, there couldn't be another one. I mean the lady said that they didn't have any more on the floor. But there one was. I seriously looked around to see if that lady (or any lady) would "steal" that one too. No one was watching me. I quickly walked up and put my hands on it, thereby "claiming" it for all to see. :) I took off the cover and saw that this machine was only $20.00!


I practically drooled on it so no one would rip it out of my hands. It's a Brother CS-100 machine, which is a decent brand. It's visually definitely in very good condition. And it has 60 stitches, including button whole stitches! Eep! AND it had a case! Did I mention it was only $20?!

Yeah, I ran out of the store with in my hands, after, of course, paying for it. 

It was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father loves me, and that sometimes the first thing I see, isn't always the best, I just have to be a little patient, for a little longer. Seriously, I totally got that lesson out of this whole experience. :D

So I brought it home, plugged it in, and it turned on! And it works! YAY! I own a sewing machine.  My mom will be "sew" proud! hahahaha. 

Some pictures of my little beauty:

Here are the stitches it does:

Awesome right?! Well the best part was when I came and looked it up online. I wanted to printout the manual so I can learn to actually use it, and the newest model (which looks exactly the same) is the Brother CS6000i. Yeah, that one lists on Amazon for $449. and is currently priced at $160.00. 

I saw a CS-100 for $100, plus $25 shipping, on ebay. Did I mention I got mine for $20? It is apparently missing some of the accessories, but who cares?! If I need them, I buy them. They're certainly cheaper than buying a new machine. 

Yeah, I totally "stole" that machine. Yay! Go Me!

Now I just need to learn to use it! 

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  1. Woo! Great job! PS I was at DI today too. I found a few things and something I can use for my costume, which I haven't been able to find at Goodwill, so my trip was productive, but not nearly as exciting as yours!


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