Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Fight!

So when we went up to Idaho to see my mom, we hung out with my cousins and aunt and uncle a lot (they live like a mile away from my mom). Saturday afternoon, we had a water fight. This is how it turned out: Wet. duh.

Somehow the waterfight ended up being boys against girls. It was supposed to be my sibilings vs. our cousins.

 Elise and Ben getting ready to strike.
 Ben and Nick dumped a cooler full of water onto poor unsuspecting Elise. So she returned the favor and dumped a cooler full of water on Ben and then "accidently" dropped the cooler on his head. They made up. Such wonderful siblings. Just like my family. It's like we're all family or sumthin'.

This was actually the first time that 10 of us (plus Beth, Ben's lady and Jim, Erin's boyfriend), (oh, wait, Just kidding. Jared wasn't there, he's on his mission. But close enough I guess...) were all together in like probably 10 years. Nick had never even met Ben. Our families were close growing up and we spent a lot of time with them and camped with them lots of times. It was really fun to be with them again. I love them.

 Even Aunt Liz got in on the action and totally pegged her son. Ha ha ha ha!!

Good times. Amen.

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