Monday, July 4, 2011

BEST NEWS EVER! Like totally!

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!!!! Wahhoooooo!!!!! And, it's about freakin' time! :) and um, I'm really excited. Can you tell?

So my sister Caitlin is totally preggo! And I think I am more excited than she is. Okay, that's probably not true, BUT, I am showing my excitment more than she is. That's not a shocker.

Anywho, so Caitlin announced that she was pregnant on Saturday. And apparently she is due in 5 months. She is going to be four months along this next week. She and Nick decided to wait till after the first trimester before announcing the news. Which I GUESS is okay. But still, I feel like I got jipped out of 2 months of excitment and opportunities to buy adorable baby clothes and stuff. Guess that just means that I'll have to make up for it. :) Man, that kid is going to be soooo spoiled. :) Which only make sense, since it is the first grandchild.

Here's how we all found out. And mind you, Erin's new boyfriend had just met our family for the first time the night before and was hanging out with our family and cousins for the first time. Poor guy. I imagine we might have frightened him away with all of us (okay, basically just me) freaking out about it.

After our murder mystery party ended, we were hanging out chatting and Cait asked my mom about this weird rash/spot thing on her arm. My mom then asked my uncle (a physical therapist) if he had any idea what it was. He suggested that she take benadryl. My aunt pipes up from the other room that Cait couldn't take benadryl, and that claritin was safe. Both my mom and uncle were all, "Benadryl is better, take that instead." My aunt kept saying that she needed claritin and emphizing that it was safe and that she CAN'T take benadryl. Of course, we were all confused at why.  My uncle said, "What? Is she pregnant?" My mom said, "I think my daughter would tell me if she was pregnant." Finally (after I walk out of the room-of course), Cait announced that she couldn't take the benadryl. When my mom asked why, Cait said, "Because of this" and held up her ultrasound pictures. (Turns out her doctor said it was okay to take benadryl.)

Suddenly I heard, "You're pregnant?" from the other room. I came flying around the corner and heard Cait say, "yep." My mom was in shock, Steven smiled, Erin cried, I screamed, and Nick walked in the room and asked, "What's going on?" We all turned and stared at him. Cait explained that she had just made their announcement. He looked at all of us and threw up his hands and yelled, "Surprise!" and then said to Cait, "You couldn't wait till I was in the room?!" Cait's response, "I thought you were!!" It was pretty funny.

It was even funnier when Cait told Nana. We walked in the house and Cait immediately went in and gave Nana the sonogram pictures. Nana stared at them very confused and asked Cait what they were. Cait waited for Nana to figure it out. She didn't. Mom started pointing out body parts slowly, waiting for Nana to get it. Then the light bulb went on. She was so excited and kept hugging Cait. Then Nick finally came in the house. He was all, "Seriously!? You didn't wait for me again?? Gosh!!" Cait looked at him sheepishly and said, "Really, I thought you were in here!" It was hilarious!

Okay, time for baby fetus pictures! Yay!!
Cait, her ultrasound pics, and her freakin' awesome boufaunt!

Yeah for baby!

Nick calling the Dads
Cait trying to suck in her baby belly. Yeah, that wasn't happening. :)
Nick is SOOOO excited!
Yeah!!!! I am so excited!!!! Can you tell? Cait said that she hasn't bought ANYTHING for the baby. So I had to fix that. As soon as we got home, I went and got this:

Cute little ducky pajamas.
 and this:

So freakin' adorable! I have this tradition of buying my closest friends (and now sister) a pair of baby shoes as soon as I find out they are pregnant. Here are the precious ones I got for Cait.

I may just have to start meandering to the clearance section of baby clothes at the Tarjay....

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