Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

So when I came back into town, Bekah let me know that we had a ward party at a house in Penryn (Yeah! for hometowns, er villages?!). I was really tired and didn't get a nap, but I ended up going anyway. I mean, it was Independance Day afterall. I NEEDED to celebrate, party, and eat free food. So we went and ate and ate and ate and then when it got dark, we watched 10 different fireworks shows (you could see the entire valley!). I did discover one thing though, I like the fireworks better when they are in my face and the booms are so loud and deep that I can feel it! This was fun though. It reminded me of the years that we would sit at my house and watch the fireworks from our deck. Awesome!

Here are some pictures from our Ward BBQ for 4th of July yesterday:

Beautiful little pond. Bekah couldn't get over the cows that were by it.

You can't really see it because the picture quality is terrible, but from the house you can see my family's house! It was pretty cool.

Then the sun set, and it was a BEAUTIFUL long sunset. The house is on a high hill and so it had a fabulous view of the valley and sunset.

Lots of people, okay, girls, took pictures of the sunset and moon.

I think this picture was my favorite.
 And because no Independance Day is complete without fireworks, I took some pictures of the ones my neighbors set off on our street. I've never done fireworks myself (unless you count the one time we did it in Texas for New Years, but then SOMEBODY had to get "attacked" by stupid fire ants 5 minutes into it and so we HAD to leave and not finish them. Dumb. And no, I'm not bitter at all. ;) ). Something about a fire hazard and my safety engineer/farmer grandpa thinking it wasn't safe or something. Anyway my point is, doing fireworks yourself is soooo cool! The neighbors all around our house had set up several ladders and were blowing things up and shooting up fireworks. So awesome! :) Best part is that I sat in my cool (temperature wise, not looks wise) kitchen and got the show, without paying for them.

YEAH! Hope you had a fabulous and safe 4th of July!!

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