Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flower Girl Baskets

My roommate is getting married next month and so has been planning her wedding. It's been so fun to have her bounce ideas around and get feedback. Her colors are a dark eggplant purple, black, white and touches of zebra print. So fun!

This weekend she asked me to make her the flower girl baskets. She had already bought the materials, she just needed someone to put them together and make them cute. Well I put them together. Hopefully they're cute. And hopefully she doesn't look to close. :)

But here is what I did and how I put them together.

I started with these white flower girl baskets and then ripped off the bow part so the sides would be smooth (yep, it was a bit violent).

After some discussion with my roommate, she decided that it would be cute to put little bows on the sides of the basket at the bottom of the handle. So I made little bows out of ribbon. I just made loops, glued down the edges, and then used thread to cinch down the middles of each one.
Then I took the zebra print ribbon and carefully glued it along the handle to cover the white fabric. The basket part was covered with a piece of dark purple lining that my roommate had found. I didn't measure it out, but it was enough to cover all the sides.  I hot glued the wider sides down first and then folded the ends carefully like a present. It got a little funky at the handle, so I glued the bows to cover it up. Then to add a little bling, I glued a large rhinestone left over from the wedding invitations.

There are three flower girls and so I made two purple baskets and one zebra print basket. The Zebra print one is my favorite. :)

I think they turned out pretty cute! Hopefully my roommate likes them. :)


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