Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Miss Bunny Fu Fu

The other night, we (Me, Cait, Nick, and Rachel) went over to the Fluckiger's for some "family" hanging out time and to get free fabric. I just love them. I'm so glad that our families adopted each other. Their kids were my babies. Now the oldest, Sean, is almost 22! Eek!

And Kevin. Ohmigosh. Don't get me started. I was 15, almost 16, when he was born and he's been my "baby" his whole life. Yeah, he doesn't like that now that he's 13 and almost as tall as me!! Double eek!

I happen to be over earlier last week to try to pick something up and hung out for a couple of minutes and chatted with Kev and Lys. All was well. BUT THEN, THREE HOURS LATER...I stopped by the house to actually pick up the goods and KEVIN SUDDENLY DEVELOPED A MAN VOICE!! Eek! Eek! Eek!

I feel old. And I banned him from ever talking to me again. ha ha ha. My baby. My little adorable baby has a man voice. Sheesh. And I'm not even his mom.

It was funny because Sunday we were hanging out and Michelle actually pointed out that Kevin had a bit of a mustache growing. I hadn't even noticed! But once she pointed it out--it was so obvious that he had a bit of shadow. Cait, of course, teased him about getting into Michelle's makeup. What was weird is that it didn't freak me out much as his man-voice.

I'm so weird.

Ok, so on to some adorable pictures of little miss bunny fu fu.

Nick making Rachel walk on the ceiling. She thought it was so hilarious!

Rachel loved having pictures taken of her. She always got a big grin on her face when the flash would go off. She was so giggliy all night. So freakin' cute!!

It's kinda weird that Rachel has turned so blond since she was born. But I love it.
Rachel really, really loved the camera. She was so excited when I got it out. And those two tiny teeth kill me! So cute!

Tucker (the dog) and Rachel developed a special bond after he decided to make out with her. And she LOVED it! It was hilarious. He hasn't been around babies much, but Rachel loved the attention and he was happy to love on her. So cute. She giggled and tried to pet him whenever he was around.

We had tons of fun hanging out and laughing about Rachel, Tucker, and Kevin's freaky man-voice. I just wish the rest of our family could have been there. :)


  1. Man, way to make me miss you guys more!!! LOVES!

    1. We missed you. You need to come home STAT! :)


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