Monday, June 13, 2011

Because I am the Most Awesomest Fake Big Sister...

My baby girl, er "little sister", Alyssa turned 16 today. Wahhhh!!! I started babysitting her when she was 2!!! Anyway, I coordinated with her mom, Michelle to throw her a little surprise sleepover birthday party with her two BFFs Julie and Kayla this weekend. Man, we got her good! :)

I was housesitting for some family friends, so we got to use their awesome house as the location. Thus adding to poor Lys' confusion. Which made it so much better.

Here is the set up: Lys thought I was going to pick her up on Saturday night to go play. So when I showed up on Friday, told her to get her shoes and her purse and literally pushed her out of the house, she was absolutely confused. And kept stating that she HATES surprises. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.! She started panicking and said that she had to call her mom to get the okay to leave. Michelle played it off perfectly and even sent me a heads up that they weren't at the house yet via a warning to not speed. :) Good thing I got the memo! :) So we made a detour at my family property and took pictures for a few minutes to give Michelle a few extra minutes.

So we arrive at the house and I explained that I needed to feed the dogs really quick and we'l be on our way. So I told her to go inside and I followed. Once she opened the door, nothing happened. She saw the decorations and looked at me and then, SURPRISE! Michelle, Kayla, and Julie all jumped out and surprised her! She screamed, almost wet her pants, tried to run away, and cried a little. It was so awesome and hilarious!! I wish I had been able to get pictures.

So the fun continued with zebra print cupcakes, pizza, and three 16-17 year old girls laughing hysterically. It was so much fun!! They were so cute and fun to be with.

Yes, I put all 16 candles on one cupcake. Awesome! (At least the fire alarm didn't go off!)

Lys was so proud that she got her party hat to sit on the side of her head without anything holding it there, then we realized that the streamer was upside down........
Kayla, Alyssa, & Julie being monkeys

What a model!
We played Life (and it took forever!) and they watched 4 movies plus most of Fiddler on the Roof. I only made it part way through the third. Goes to show how old I'm getting. 

A couple of highlights: Alyssa thought it would be awesome to unwrap one of her presents with just her mouth. I videoed the whole thing. The best part is the end when some of the wrapping paper gets stuck in her head and she can't get it out. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Unwrapping her present with just her mouth. So awesomely hilarious!

Saturday morning we cleaned up, had a light breakfast, and headed off to Petroglyphs (a paint-your-own-pottery place). Only Michelle had been there before so it was fun to do it. I'm excited to see how the peices all turned out.
So precious! Yes, she slept this way all night. In her glasses. In a chair. So cute!
Julie painting her giant teacup set
Kayla painting her cute little dragon

Lys painting her pig's butt.

Michelle painting her little plate

Everyone holding up their finished products. Alyssa is holding up my plate.
So the weekend was a blast! Alyssa ended up having another surprise party tonight with all of her school friends. She had a giant birthday weekend! So lucky!! :)

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